Friday, June 15, 2018

[PES 2013] PES-ID Ultimate Patch 2013 v5.3.0 - World Cup 2018 Edition Update Released [15/6/2018]

PES-ID Ultimate Patch 2013 v5.3.0 - World Cup 2018 Edition Update

Update Log
  • World Cup 2018 squad, player numbers correct
  • World Cup 2018 kits for all 32 contestants
  • World Cup 2018 Scoreboard(Credits to Micano4u)
  • New national team : Iceland
  • New players

  • This is update for WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018 only.
  • Leagues and clubs update for new season(2018/2019) is coming soon(v6.0). This update will includes all of the new season update, kits, faces, balls, and new feature that is still secret for now. (Note: v6.0 will be A.I.O)
  • v6.0 will be a huge update.
  • Probably squad is not updated for some national teams, we will update it as soon as possible.
  • .Net Framework(minimum 4.0)
  • PES-ID Ultimate Patch v5.0 (IMPORTANT)
  • Note : You don't need the v5.1 version, but you might need the v5.2.0 version to prevent bugs.
If you want to repost, use the link that refers to this blog, dont change the original link, respect our work.
we make this patch for free so please respect it. DO NOT reupload for your own purpose, many thanks.
  • There's no Iceland in the europe national! How to fix?
     - Download 
    Iceland Fix
     - put it in PES 2013 Directory > PESIDLAUNCHER
     - Start the game from the launcher


  • Put "pesidv5-3-0-updater.exe" and "ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll" into your PES 2013 folder
  • Run "pesidv5-3-0-updater.exe" as administrator
  • Click "Update my PES-ID"
  • Wait until the button text changed into "UPDATE COMPLETED"
  • Close the application, open the launcher, and enjoy the game!


  • It is not necessary have the previous versions of the PES-ID Patch installed
  • If you find some error, please report  .
  • Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect my work. 
  • Don't use any of my work without permission (For add ons, you dont need to ask)

PES-ID Patch 2013 - Starfall


  1. Los nombres de la segunda division española están incorrectos, me aparecen los nombre mal

  2. All the national teams are correct but I can't find Iceland... I check everywhere but there isn't.

    1. There is also another thing that is not completely correct: the World Cup 2018 scoreboard. During an instant highlight the scoreboard doesn't shows the symbol of the 2018 World Cup, but the one of the 2014 World Cup of Brazil... I hope that you can fix these problems as soon as possible because you are doing a brilliant job.

  3. onde esta o link da versao 5.30

  4. thanks for upload this patch fifa world cup version

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  6. is there any chance to make qualifications ? like old pes for Euro and world cup pls im begging you !

  7. Thanks gan ditunggu versi terbarunya

  8. Hatur Nuhun Om....

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